Key Insights from the Latest Gender Lens Investing Report

A new gender lens investing report by Wharton Social Impact’s Sandi Hunt and Catalyst at Large’s Suzanne Biegel, W’84, shows key findings on the current state of the field. Much like the larger umbrella of impact investing, gender lens investing — investing to generate financial returns and a positive impact on women — continues to grow. Exactly how big is this field, and how fast is it growing?

Project Sage 3.0 has these answers. It is the latest report that collected data through 2019 to quantify this growth and analyze the field’s latest trends. This report was researched and published by Wharton Social Impact Initiative and consultancy Catalyst at Large.

Read the full article and get access to the report here.

What did they discover?

  1. The number of funds continues to grow significantly.
  2. As in the previous reports, many gender lens funds are still predominantly first time funds.
  3. Geographic diversity continues to increase.
  4. Total capital raised has cleared $4.8 billion.
  5. Gender lens investing is still broadly defined.
  6. Many funds’ investment criteria focus on gender as well as other forms of diversity

Photo by Christina @WOCinTech on Unsplash