VivArt-X closes an extension funding round with Borski Fund

VivArt-X has successfully closed an extension funding round with the impact-oriented Borski Fund onboard, alongside previous investors Brabant Startup Fund, TUe Participations B.V., BOM and a group of informal investors.

Borski is renowned for its commitment to supporting female entrepreneurs and addressing the gender financing gap. By participating in this extension funding round, Borski once again demonstrates its determination to provide equal opportunities to female entrepreneurs, as well as addressing important issues around health equity and tackling the women’s health gap.

“We are incredibly grateful for Borski’s support and for sharing the same vision,” said Dan Jing Wu, CEO of VivArt-X. “This investment enables us to accelerate our mission and improve women’s healthcare through innovation and technology.”

According to research by McKinsey closing the women’s health gap could add 1.7% to global GDP, representing a $1 trillion opportunity in economic potential1. Meanwhile, Sie Ventures FemTech market research reports that only 4% of healthcare R&D is targeted at women’s health issues2. By getting more women in investment decision making positions Borski aims to ensure that these gaps for women are reduced across the board.

This investment not only propels VivArt-X’s research and development endeavours but also amplifies its capacity to drive innovation and technological advancements in women’s healthcare. 1 in 7 women suffer from breast cancer3 and may require breast reconstruction as a result. These surgeries often lead to complications which further exacerbate their health. With VivArt-X the cells needed for the transplant can regenerate and engraft better, ultimately leading to improved quality of life for women.

Investing in women’s health companies has also proven to provide positive returns on investment for investors, as reportedly for every $1 invested, approximately $3 is reflected in economic growth4. According to the European Investment Bank, female-founded companies deliver twice as much revenue per dollar investment than their male counterparts, while only receiving 1% of VC funding in 20215.

As Simone Brummelhuis from Borski says “This investment demonstrates the triple effect of Borski fund: mobilizing capital of among others female investors, closing the financing gap for female founders, and tackling the women’s health gap. Our fund is unique in its unwavering commitment to enabling women across all fronts and creating new opportunities.”

With this extended investment round, Borski continues its commitment to closing the financing gap for female entrepreneurs and catalysing transformative developments in women’s health. This news marks an important milestone for both Borski and VivArt-X, promising a positive impact on the health and well-being of women worldwide.