Meet the female creators we proudly support

The female entrepreneurs below preceded you, together we build good companies and stimulate innovation by female entrepreneurs. Borski fund remains actively involved with the portfolio companies supporting in financing, business strategy, linking network and internationalization.


The Selection Lab

The Selection Lab is an Amsterdam-based developer of assessment technology to screen applicants. Since 2018, the founders Lotte Welten (CEO),Joeri Everaers (COO), and Jordi Wippert (CTO), have helped envision an objective, skill-based hiring method that is both user-friendly and easy to implement. The team believes that objectively matching the right people with the right roles reshapes lives, organisations, and even the society as a whole. Focusing on the soft skills of candidates, and using a smart data layer to provide insights about the candidate profiles vis a vis the current employee base, The Selection Lab allows companies to answer the million dollar question: which soft skills determine the success of employees within my organisation?


Aiir Innovations develops artificial intelligences (AI) software for visual inspection of aircraft engines. Founded in 2016 by a diverse group of Artificial Intelligence students from the University of Amsterdam, Aiir Innovations is a leader in the aviation software market. They work with KLM Airlines, Waygate Technologies and MTU Leasing Services, among others. By actively supporting human inspectors in all aspects of inspection, Aiir contributes to jet engine safety and efficiency.


Parfumado Group is one of the fastest growing players in the online perfume and beauty sampling market. The Amsterdam-based company is responding to the rapid shift to the online beauty market. In a COVID-driven digitization spurt, this requires beauty brands and retailers to adopt new digital strategies to reach customers. It is expected that by 2024, half of all perfume purchases will be made online. Before the corona crisis, this was only 15 percent. Parfumado responds to this change by acting as a matchmaker between brand and consumer. To do this, the group has two revenue models; a B2C subscription model for perfume (Parfumado) and a B2B targeted sampling platform for beauty (Rocket Campaigns).


Closure takes care of families after the death of a loved one by terminating or transferring ongoing subscriptions. In our current “subscription culture,” an average person has more than 30 ongoing contracts, accounts, subscription accounts or profiles. Closure responds to the cluttered and hard-to-cancel mountain of periodic obligations left behind upon death. It unburdens the heirs of the deceased by acting as a single point of contact between heirs and organizations. Heirs indicate the companies with which subscriptions should be terminated or taken over and Closure carries out these requests. Closure looks at problems from a data and technology perspective, leading to innovative solutions compared to the status quo.


Prolira developed and commercialized the Deltascan, a medical product that can quickly and objectively detect delirium. The Deltascan is a high-performance portable EEG device for measuring the state of the brain. By using the Deltascan, nurses and medical professionals on hospital wards can recognize delirium and acute brain dysfunction at an early stage. Early detection enables treatment at an early stage, resulting in shorter patient admission times of up to 1.5 – 2 days.


Inne is a healthtech startup that uses technology to help women understand their reproductive health. Using Inne’s biosensor minilab, women can discover their daily progesterone levels – a key indicator of reproductive health – by performing a daily saliva test. By using saliva – rather than temperature – the minilab has been proven to be as accurate as a laboratory progesterone test, allowing for a more accurate picture of a woman’s menstrual cycle.


For over ten years, VIVOLTA, previously named IME Medical Electrospinning has been a leading player in the field of developing and implementing electrospinning processes and equipment for the manufacturing of medical devices for (regenerative) medicine and drug delivery. VIVOLTA has developed a unique set of innovations in electrospinning technology for the reproducible and scalable production of electrospun material under tightly controlled conditions required for the MedTech and Pharma market. Under supervision of Judith Heikoop, the Dutch deep-tech company is actively committed to growth and international expansion of co-development projects in the MedTech and Pharma industries

The Fabricant

The Fabricant, world’s leading digital fashion house, has the mission is to transform the fashion industry to a new sector of digital-only clothing that wastes nothing but data and exploits nothing but imagination. Today, their cutting edge designs, vision and technology continues to transform the global fashion industry. The Fabricant’s long term vision is to create tools and products that transition the fashion industry towards an entirely digital existence in both production and consumption, while democratising fashion creation to become a collaborative process that utilises 3D technology and consumers’ creativity, accessible to all.

The Next Closet

The Next Closet in is a sustainable marketplace for secondhand luxury fashion. Through its modern and future thinking vision, the Amsterdam-based company makes luxury fashion affordable and encourages the idea of a circular economy where pre-loved items are re-used rather than thrown away. The mission of The Next Closet is to make the secondhand clothing market mainstream – saying no to fast fashion and choosing quality over quantity.


Thirona B.V. was founded in 2014 by Dr. Eva van Rikxoort and Prof. Dr. Bram van Ginneken. The company offers AI-enabled medical imaging technology developed by a team of leading AI and medical scientists and software engineers. The company has a unique combination of in-house capabilities and access to medical data for product development. With its software, Thirona focuses on the diagnosis of Lung- and Eye (Retina) diseases. It is the mission of Thirona to bridge the gap between academic developments in medical image analysis and clinical usability by creating products that include state-of-the-art deep learning technology to aid medical specialists in their daily tasks.


Atlantic Therapeutics

Atlantic Therapeutics develops medical devices and the related software, apps and connected health technologies to treat all types of incontinence. The company’s mission is to improve the quality of life of millions of people each year, by enabling them to restore and strengthen their pelvic health, this regaining the confidence and control to lead and active lives. The product, INNOVO, is an FDA-Approved, CE-marked treatment for women suffering from Stress Urinary Incontinence. It works by delivering clinically proven, safe, non-invasive pelvic-floor stimulation via unique wearable technology. The Revolutionary tool helps to prevent bladder weakness by actively treating the root cause rather than just the symptoms. Extensive exceptional clinical trial outcomes conducted on over 600 subjects consistently confirm improvements in key outcomes, symptoms and acceptability.