Meet the female creators we proudly support

The female entrepreneurs below preceded you, together we build good companies and stimulate innovation by female entrepreneurs. Borski fund remains actively involved with the portfolio companies supporting in financing, business strategy, linking network and internationalization.



Zielwear is a fashion on-demand company, with the vision and ambition to facilitate on-demand production on a large scale. Zielwear is building a technology platform to design, manufacture and deliver apparel based on actual consumer demand. Zielwear does this under the guidance of serial entrepreneur, Marleen Vogelaar. As a co-founder of Shapeways, Marleen has set up the world’s largest 3D printing service and consumer marketplace. Whereas she now uses her expertise in digital production to transform the clothing industry, in which overproduction and inventories are minimized, and customers retrieve the opportunity to sell durable clothing with top quality, without minimum order and delivery within 10 days.