Focus & Investment process

Borski Fund invests venture capital and growth capital in ambitious companies with at least one female founder in their team.

Does your company have:

  • A female (co-)founder with at least 5% equity shares?
  • It’s location (headquarters) in The Netherlands?
  • Proven traction and an annual turnover of at least €500k?
  • A positive contribution in reducing (gender) inequality?
  • Growth potential and serious ambitions?
  • A positive attitude towards and active support of a diverse team?


If so, we would like to get to know you. If your company does not match all the above criteria, perhaps we can refer you instead. We have a coffee-hour once a week for new introductions.


At Borski Fund we are very positive towards co-investment participations. Your company benefits from additional expertise and a large network and it enables us to stimulate more venture capital investments in female-led companies.

The investment process of Borski consists of 6 stages.

Investment process

  1. Intake – During the intake interview, we get to know you and your team. We discuss the product or service of your company, the ambitions you strive for, as well as the need for investment and additional support. After the intake interview we decide if there is a match with the Borski Fund, or if we can be of help in finding you another investor.
  2. Internal Analyses – At this stage we assess the business and market information you provide us. If we are still positive on a match, we draft a term sheet. As soon as we reach agreement on the term sheet, we draft a preliminary investment proposal for our Investment Committee.
  3. Due Dilligence – At this stage we take a deep dive into your company, technology, team and other relevant information. We asses if your company is ready for an investment from Borski Fund. During the process we might bring external companies to the table to validate certain aspects of your company, e.g. the software product. Based on the obtained insights, a final investment proposal is drafted for our Investment Committee.
  4. Financial close – As soon as we received a positive advice from our Investment Committee, we will finalize the legal and financial contracts. Once the investment is definitive, our participation and support to your company begins.
  5. Participation – During our participation period we will provide you with both proactive and reactive advice and support. You remain in the driver’s seat; we support you where we can be of added value. Realizing the joint ambition is the central focus point.
  6. Exit – Borski Fund has an investment period of 10 years. This implies that we want to sell our equity stake in your company during this period. The wellbeing of the company remains top priority. We will jointly establish a suitable exit moment.