Call for €3B fund to back female venture capitalists

Investor groups tells EU research commissioner to allocate special funding to female-led venture capital firms in bid to boost female entrepreneurship.

With Borski Fund we are part of a group of 25 women investors from around Europe. Together we called for a €3 billion fund of funds for female-led venture capital firms, to represent women’s interests in the investment community and help support female-led start-ups. The request is outlined in a report that was hand over to the European Commission and the European Investment Bank.

Between 2016 and 2020, only 1.7% of all private capital in the EU went to female founders. To make for more gender-balanced investments, Europe needs more female representation in the investor community. The European Investment Fund, the EU‘s investment arm, put €12.9 billion into venture capital funds in 2020, but only a single-digit percentage of the funding went to female-led VCs.

Study after study has shown that female and mixed teams of investors tend to outperform all-male teams. Therefore, we want to make sure that women get the right seat at the table, that they are able to work to their full potential and they are able to manage the amount of assets under the management that is given to other general partners on the market.

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