About us

Borski fund was founded based on the conviction that the investment diversity gap is real and much larger than is often thought, however that there are also ways to help close it. There is a wide array of research that indicates female entrepreneurs often deliver better results than their male counterparts, whereas >90% of VC money goes to all-male management start-ups. We believe that improving access to financing for female entrepreneurs that are looking to contribute to a better world is one of the key ways of addressing the investment diversity gap.

The fund is named after Johanna Borski. Johanna Borski was a female investor and role model to many female entrepreneurs. Johanna Borski made a fortune by investing early on in buying almost half the shares issued in “De Nederlandsche Bank” in 1814. With the profits made, she later went on to rescue the “Nederlandsche Handel-Maatschappij” from bankruptcy in 1840. The way Borski used funds to do good for the world in a time when investing was (even far more than today) a male-dominated business, was a source of inspiration when establishing our fund.


An investment from Borski goes beyond just providing money. Our strength lies in combining market knowledge, an expansive network, a strong entrepreneurial track record and investment experience. This means that Borski stays involved actively after providing financing. How do we do all of this? Meet our team below:

Meet the team


Simone Brummelhuis is a partner in Borski Fund and will be actively involved in sourcing, selecting and supporting the portfolio of companies for the fund. She also will be the liaison with the LP’s of the Fund.


She has extensive experience in M&A transactions and as (board) adviser to start-ups, scale-ups and corporates. Previously she co-founded IENS that sold to Tripadvisor, a US-listed company. Current or previous supervisory board positions include TMG, Schiphol, Xs4all and Stern.ups.

Laura Rooseboom

Laura Rooseboom will be actively involved in sourcing, selecting and supporting the portfolio of companies of Borski Fund.


She has over 20 years of experience in the venture capital industry and has an excellent track record with sustainability, food, energy and clean-tech oriented companies. Previously, Laura was Fund Manager at DOEN Participations. Currently, she is also active as co-founder and managing partner of One Planet Crowd and StartGreen Capital.

Bertrand van Leersum

Bertrand van Leersum is investment manager at Borski Fund and will be actively involved in sourcing, selecting and supporting the portfolio of companies at Borski.


He has over 10 years of experience in early stage investments, including several years as investment manager at a public investment fund. He has also worked as an entrepreneurial partner in a portfolio of 10+ co-founded companies in the clean-tech and renewable sectors. He is currently a shareholder and advisor at several scale-ups.

Stefan van Duin

Stefan van Duin will be actively involved in selecting, analyzing and supporting the companies in the portfolio of Borski Fund.


He recently performed research to increase the accuracy and measurability of human capital evaluations in the venture capital decision-making process, in which the diversity of teams contributed as one of the main factors. He recently completed his study in Business Analysis & Modeling and obtained hands-on experience within two venture capital funds.

Aletta Stas-Bax

Aletta Stas-Bax is a Venture Partner of the Borski Fund. Aletta is an entrepreneur and will support Borski Fund portfolio companies where necessary and possible.


Together with her husband, she founded the Swiss watch company Frederique Constant. The company was sold in 2016. Aletta will remain involved as designer and consultant until 2021. She has hands-on experience and has gone through many facets of doing business in the last 30 years. Aletta is a strong advocate of (gender) diversity in teams. Aletta is currently still an active entrepreneur in smart technologies.

Meet the Investment Advisory Committee


“When we look through a gender lens, disparities between men and women’s ability to access capital become quickly apparent. Across all industries—from retailers, to filmmakers, to high-tech entrepreneurs—women have historically had trouble gaining access to investment capital, despite evidence that women-led companies may deliver higher and more consistent returns.”

Stanford innovation review,
The Rise of Gender Capitalism, 2014