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Picture this: 5% of all Venture Capital investment go to diverse teams made up of both males and females. Only 1% is invested in all-female teams. This leaves 94%(!) of VC investments that end up at all-male teams. At the same time, research shows that diverse teams are more innovative and perform better overall.


We believe in diversity, gender equality and fair chances. We invest in female entrepreneurs because we want to build great companies with them, because we want them to reach their full potential, because we are a natural business partner, and because we have a network that can help facilitate their goals. It is vitally important that innovation by female entrepreneurs is encouraged more.


Welcome to Borski Fund. Do you have a start-up or scale-up company and the potential to grow your business? Does your team consist of at least one female member, seated at the executive level with an equity stake in the company? Or do you have a company with a dedicated focus on women? And are you raising venture capital? We would love to meet you and your team, and hear about your ambitions.


Can we be of added value to you? See our contact page for more information.

Our vision:

Success has no gender

Borski Fund is an innovative Venture Capital Fund. We only invest in companies with gender diverse teams.


Joint value creation

Borski Fund improves access to capital for companies that are either run by female entrepreneurs, or improve gender equality in a different way. Together with key partners TheNextWomen, StartGreen Capital and #FundRight, Borski Fund opens up a wide pool of opportunities for entrepreneurs.


Smart money

Borski Fund helps entrepreneurs achieve their ambitions by leveraging its own entrepreneurial experience and offering a vast network depending on your specific needs.


“We need prominent figures in the private sector, financial institutions and financial service providers  to create offers and provide services geared towards the needs of women’s businesses”

Queen Maxima @ the next women group 2016

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