51 VCs Who Want To Invest In Women, Black And Latinx, And LGBTQ+ Founders

According to Forbes, VCs have two big jobs to do: Invest in startups shaping the future of the world and generate big exits for their fund. Yet, if you look at the lionshare of funding, you’ll quickly see that most VCs are primarily betting on white, straight (cis) men based in Silicon Valley who graduated from Stanford.

Frustrated by the lack of inaction by many traditional VCs, some investors, including Borski Fund, are trying to change the system and close the funding gap. These 50 investors are mobilizing and deploying capital, building economic power beyond the 1%. While not all of these VCs are 100% focused on funding underrepresented founders, they say they are inclusive and intentional about investing in founders who are women, Black, Indigenous, and/or People of Color (BIPOC), LGBTQ+, over 50, and/or have disabilities.


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